I've always had a creative passion and was thrilled when I learned of Etsy back in 2012. I had just finished my second year of college and gone back home for the summer. Not wanting to spend my entire summer working, but knowing I would need a little extra money if I wanted to have an ounce of a life for those two months, I turned to jewelry making. I scoured all the bead shops in town and found exactly what I needed to open my first Etsy shop. My eyes went googly for gemstones, so I created a line of quartz, amethyst and citrine pieces. And anything gold-plated was a necessity, of course! I have continued to expand my talents to start a line of handstamped jewelry that I absolutely adore (and hope you do too!).

Four years later and over 1,000 pieces sold, I am over the moon! Wow! My hobby turned into a mini business that I would have never dreamed possible. With the support of my family, boyfriend, and friends (& even my little dog, Buddy) I was able to make lindseyvee a success. It has become much more than a means to get through a summer. I've been able to branch out, learn new skills & tricks and become a better designer. I've even been fortunate enough to participate as a local vendor in markets around the Bay Area which is beyond exciting!

I am more passionate than ever and hope that shines through each and every piece I create. I look forward to connecting with you and hopefully making you just as excited about lindseyvee as I am.

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